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Officer Meeting Results

by Raidne T, 86 days ago

Howdy all,

We had an officer meeting last Monday to answer some questions raiders had regarding raid management and the direction of the raid. Below are the questions and their answers, slightly paraphrased.

1. Raid members are not putting in the effort required for a progression raiding guild, oftentimes not even bothering to look up boss strategies pre-raid.

   This is a disturbing trend to most of the officers as well. At the very least, it is required for everyone to watch a video guide before each new boss. If we’re reaching a boss for which there aren’t any video guides (as may happen in WoD) then everyone should at least read the dungeon journal beforehand. I’ve posted several videos for Paragons 25H in the Boss Strats section. There were at least 8 people who hadn’t seen anything related to the fight before we began progression on it, which is unacceptable. Paragons is an extremely mechanic-heavy fight, much like Siegecrafter, and we shouldn’t be forced to waste time and pulls because people don’t know what to expect before they reach a mechanic.

2. Raid members are stepping out during raids where it seems they feel there is no benefit to them personally to be there (no loot they wanted, or early progression pulls).

   In the one instance we could think of where this happened, the raider was sick and had let all of the officers know. That being said, this is something that won’t be tolerated. For bosses on farm, if there is a raider on standby who wants a piece of gear, they may swap places with someone in the raid. If you feel sick, notify an officer and see if you can be sat until you feel better or for the rest of the night.

3. Raid members refuse to play other specs of their class that are the same role.

   For the most part, this isn’t a raid where we require everyone to play the 100% best spec for their class. However, in certain situations we may ask someone to try out another spec if we think it will help with certain mechanics. The next time we fight Siegecrafter I’ll be seeing if any of our mages have a frost off-spec to try to help control mines with.

4. WoD Raiding – Are cuts going to be made? Will there be a rotation of players if not? If cuts are made, how much will guild seniority affect this, and what other factors will be considered?

   Unfortunately, we haven’t yet agreed on this as far as cuts. However, regardless of how many we enter WoD with, there will be some rotation of people throughout the raids.

5. Are boss strategies going to be posted on the forums so raiders can have an up-to-date list of the current strategy with modifications?

   As in #2, I’m attempting to do this with Paragons as I have with Siegecrafter. Check the forums at least once a week for updates to strategies.

6. New raider requirements – Is there going to be a post somewhere that new raiders can see the requirements for raiding with us, before they actually raid with us?

   I’ll post a New Raider Guide soon with all of the addons/programs/items a new raider will need to raid with us.

7. Standards for loot voting – Raid performance and attendance should be more important than ilevel.

   Assigning loot isn’t a popularity contest. You aren’t giving your best friend all of the gear you can. You don’t give someone gear just because they’ve been raiding longer. Voting for loot should depend on the following: performance, attendance (e.g. not missing half of all the raids), benefit to the raid as a whole, slot ilvl, overall ilvl. You should be looking at more than just the person’s ilvl when voting for loot. Additionally, full-fledged raiders are ALWAYS prioritized over trials for gear (within reason… don’t try to dick a trial out of a flex->heroic upgrade for something that’s a non-BiS side-grade for you).

8. Decide what kind of raid we are.

   In terms of raid frequency, we are casual in that we only raid two days a week, 8 hours a week in total. In terms of raid intensity, we are a hardcore progression raid. All raiders are expected to be able to handle a mechanic within a few pulls of seeing it, regardless of whether or not they themselves have experienced it. To give examples: everyone should have seen and understood how to place sawblades within the first 10 pulls of Siegecrafter. We’re 30 pulls into Paragons, and no one should be dying to Rapid Fire anymore. Mistakes should be owned up to, learned from, and handled properly within the next few pulls.

9. Demote those officers who don’t play a role in raids in order to keep officer chat clear.

   Undecided as of yet (3 for, 1 against).

10. Keep Mumble clear during pulls; don’t call out things if you aren’t assigned to; being able to both speak and listen is required.

   For the most part, the raid leader of each fight (whether Angos or Raidne) will be handling most of the mechanics calling. If you aren’t assigned to a specific mechanic (e.g. sparks on Spoils), you shouldn’t be calling them out. For the second part of the question: you are required to both be in Mumble and not be deafened. We understand some people may be quiet or not want to talk at all, in which case they need to figure out a way to convey information quickly to the rest of the raid, but this is less than ideal. Regardless of whether or not you can speak, you must be able to listen and pay attention to Mumble.

11. Have back-up food in your bags if you miss a cart.

   The raid shouldn’t have to waste funds and carts because one person wasn’t paying attention. Everyone should have their own appropriate food in their bags (275+). If you aren’t paying attention and you miss a food cart or a Jeevus, it’s on you to make up for it. All raiders must be flasked and with an appropriate food buff at pull.

12. Zero tolerance harassment policy. Only minor offenses should merit a (single) warning. Major offenses should be an immediate gkick.

   Just because this is a video game doesn’t mean ANYONE should have to submit to harassment. We want everyone to have an enjoyable time here. Personal attacks, flaming, slander, and so on are not tolerated in this guild and raid. If you’re undergoing any form of harassment, please bring it to the attention of the officers and it will be handled.

13. Follow the directions given to you by the raid leader (Angos/Raidne) or role-specific assignments by the respective officers during a raid. If you want to dispute a call, do so after the pull.

   That wasn’t really a question, but it’s extremely valid. For every fight, you should be listening to the raid leader for that fight. As an example: If Torque calls for a wipe, ignore it. It isn’t his role to call that.

14. Limits on F/F members.

   Each raider can have as many Friends/Family guild members as they want, within reason (since someone’s probably going to test the limits, it’s 10. 10 is reason.) Each F/F can have only one F/F of their own – per invite, not person. You can’t invite someone and their 10 alts and count it as one F/F. Officers: I just got done re-doing the entire raid’s guild notes. If it’s a F/F of someone, put their gnote as F/F - (e.g. Tørque, gnote: F/F Raidne – Call Him Sir Derpalot).

15. Require raiders to be signed up on the forums so they can see boss strategies and other discussions.

   I was under the impression that this was already required. If someone isn’t signed up already, well, 1. How are you reading this and 2. Sign up. As I said in #5, I’m going to be posting raid updates to the forums as they’re changed. Check at least once a week.

16. Accountability and consequences – 10 pulls into a fight/after seeing it 10 times people should not be failing basic mechanics. How are these failures going to be treated?

   I take basic mechanics to mean the following: Siegecrafter: Sawblades, kiting fire, mines hitting melee; Paragons: Rapid Fire, Aim, Amber puddles. People should not be dying or mishandling these mechanics after multiple pulls where they’re seen. If someone is consistently failing basic mechanics, they should be sat and someone who can handle them should be brought in. As far as consequences for consistently failing mechanics, besides being sat, we are undecided (2 for bounties paid to the gbank for screwing up basic mechanics, 1 for loot denial for screwing up major mechanics, 1 for no consequences). If you have any ideas please let us know.

17. X is being a dick, padding numbers, and not contributing to the fight as a whole.

   Let us know and we will talk to them and sit them if they keep it up.

18. Are people who consistently fail mechanics going to be sat for someone who can handle the mechanics?


19. Is the raid calendar going to actually be used? Are there going to be penalties if someone lists themselves as accepted and then is a no-show with no explanation?

  Undecided as of yet as to whether it will be required (3 for, 1 against). However, I will keep the calendar invites up-to-date and posted early. Penalties are also undecided as no-showing can be out of the raiders’ control. However, there are a multitude of ways to get into contact with an officer if you’ve listed yourself as accepted and won’t be able to make it. You can: PM us on the forums, send us an in-game whisper, send us an in-game mail, send a message to a friend or raider to pass on to us, and finally you can text Angos (his phone number is in his gnote).

20. BiS lists to aid the loot council? This late in the expansion we don’t think it is required. However, anyone submitting their BiS would be welcome. For WoD, it will likely be required but it is not yet decided upon. More on that as we move closer to WoD.

21. Condense guild ranks. Old School, Veteran, Exalted Veteran, Uber X-TREME Veteran, ?.

   I personally don’t see a need for Veteran or Exalted Veteran, but this question was asked after our meeting and so we never talked about it. I can understand it being left alone for tradition but they don’t change anything beyond a title.


A Raid Rules list will be posted within the next few days. I will also be posting a New Raiders Guide soon, as we may have some more trials coming into the guild.

If anyone has any questions or comments about anything within this post (including the “Howdy”), I’ll do my best to answer them.

Thanks, Raidne

EDIT: #19 was changed to 3 for, 1 against.

EDIT2: Formatting got borked.

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Officer Meeting

by Raidne T, 95 days ago

Howdy all,


Angos, Slobby, Torque, and I will be having an officer meeting sometime on Monday to discuss ground rules for the raid and other issues.


If anyone has any concerns or comments about the raid that they would like us to look at, please message any of us via in-game mail, a forum PM, or feel free to leave a response here.




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25H Siegecrafter kill

by Raidne T, 103 days ago

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Spoils, Sorry it's late

by TheAngos, 143 days ago

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Thok kill video

by TheAngos, 159 days ago

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