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Butcher DPS 12/9/14. If you are below Hèl on the meters you are too low for Heroic Butcher. Get those numbers up guys. Work on a training dummy if your rotation needs work. Practice makes perfect!

Butcher DPS. If you are below Hel, you need to get your numbers up asap. Practice makes Perfect!

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                                     Warlords Raid Consumables

Please make sure you show up on Tuesday with the appropriate consumables for your class. Each and every person in the raid is expected to show up with enough food, flasks, and pots to make it through the night. If you are unsure what your consumables require read below.

Make sure you are fully gemmed and enchanted. The ideal item level you should have on Tuesday night is 630+. Please remember there are over 25 people on this raid team, thats over 25 different personalities. Please be kind, courteous, and respectful to your fellow raiders. Also remember you may be asked to sit for various bosses from time to time once we get to Mythic content. This is a normal practice for progressions sake. If you have any questions contact Dotcity, Plagued, Fergal or Reefguy in game. Our success starts with you! Lets make this our best raid tier yet!


Crit: Blackrock Barbecue

Multistrike: Calamari Crepes

Haste: Frosty Stew

Versatility: Gorgrond Chowder

Mastery: Sleeper Surprise

Stamina: Talador Surf and Turf


Agility: Draenic Agility Potion

Intellect: Draenic Intellect Potion

Strength: Draenic Strength Potion

Armor: Draenic Armor Potion

Mana: Draenic Channeled Mana Potion


Agility: Greater Draenic Agility Flask

Intellect: Greater Draenic Intellect Flask

Stamina: Greater Draenic Stamina Flask

Strength: Greater Draenic Strength Flask

Highmaul Raid Bosses

Kargath Bladefist

The Butcher



Twin Orgron


Imperator Mar'gok

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